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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to LTD Eco Generation’s online store web-site; when using our services you agree with the following terms and conditions:

1. Definitions

The terms used herein shall have the following meaning: 
1 Eco Generation  - LTD Eco Generation; 
2 Eco Generation’s website - a website owned by LTD Eco Generation, the web address of which is - and all its sub-pages; 
3 Online Store - an online shop which is the ownership of LTD Eco Generation and its electronic address is indicated in the second paragraph; 
4 Goods, Product, Production - goods placed on Eco generation’s website for sale; 
5 Internet Browser - an HTTP customer, or software application that allows its customers to receive information from documents and other media outlets on hypertext markup language in web servers or file systems; 
6 Cookies - electronic identifiers, which uses Eco Generation  to give the authorization of some service to the authorized person on the website of Eco Generation’s Online Store; On the Internet browser manufacturer's website, you usually have information on how to stop cookies in your Internet Explorer, but in this case you will no longer be able to use the features that make it comfortable to us, so we recommend that you always have this function on when visiting our website 
7 Visitor - a person who has electronic communication through Eco Generation’s web-site and has not logged in. 
8 Authorization - the function of access to the information resources available on Eco Generation’s web-site related to computer and information security, along with other rights and privileges, grants a person the right to create his/her personal profile on the web-site of Eco Generation for the purpose of using the Online Store, to introduce, to read, to corrector add new profile; 
9 User Page - a sub-page available on the web-site of Online Store that creates a user registration process and reflects the information entered in this user profile as well as the orders and other information related to it; 
10 Authorization process – means granting a person the right to enter the user's virtual name and key on the Eco Generation’s web-site and request authorization; 
11 Registration - a special procedure conducted through the Internet browser on the web-site of Eco Generation, which enables the user to create a virtual username and virtual key, and allows the person to access the Online Store web-site; 
12 Personal Information – any information that is defined as 'personal data' by the law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection; 
13 Profile -any information filled in by the user about himself/herself during registration. 
14 Information about the User – any electronic and other information as well as personal information collected by LTD Eco Generation about Eco Generation’s  web-users and visitors; 
15 User - a person who has registered with LTD Eco Generation’s web-site; 
16 Virtual Key - a combination of symbols that a person sets up on the website of Eco Generation when accessing his/her user page and accessing it from other persons for protection; 
17 E-mail - the virtual name of a person chosen by the person when registering on the Eco Generation’s web-site for identification thereof by Eco Generation as the user; 
18 Spam - a post containing direct or indirect advertisements; harmful web-site links; obscene or insulting expression; an irrelevant content or text generated from Eco Generation’s web-site. 
19 Virus - malicious software; 
20 Factory packaging - packaging by which the manufacturer produces the products. 
21 Eco Generation’s Packing - packaging, where a person placing an order will receive the product from LTD Eco Generation, except for the transportation company's envelope (or other packaging to transport the product), if the packaging has a specially allocated place or opportunity for its opening without any damage; torn, cut or other way of integrity packing shall be deemed a damaged packaging; 
22 Marketable style - visual and physical condition available at the moment of release of the product by the manufacturer when the product is attractive to the buyer; 
23 Transport Company - a company that provides consumers with consumer products to deliver on the website of Eco Generation and is responsible for timely delivery of the company and / or factory packaging and commodity protection;

2. Electronic Communication Means

When you place an order on our web-site or send us a message, the electronic communication is carried out between you and our company and accordingly LTD Eco Generation will respond to your question or request either electronically (except for the cases prescribed by law) or by sending an e-mail to you, and / or publishing information (reply) in the appropriate section. Therefore, when contacting us, you agree that the electronic communication between the company and you has the power of a written document and both parties have the right to use it as official correspondence between the parties.

3. Intellectual property rights

All products, text, melodies, images, icons, logos, electronically downloadable goods is the property of LTD Eco Generation or the owners / suppliers of this product and shall be protected by the legislation of Georgia and violation of them causes responsibility under Georgian legislation.

4. User Page

If you are using Eco Generation’s Online Store and are registered on the Online Store website, then you have a virtual key to access your page, and you are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your private key against any third party.

5. Overview, Comments, Communication and Other Content

Web-site users and visitors can leave comments, discuss products, share experiences, ideas, questions or other information if such action is not prohibited by law, or is not degrading, irritating, intuitive, personal information or intellectual property of someone else or if not in any other unlawful way harmful to the person or containing a virus, political campaign, advertising or any other 'spam'. The user shall not have the right to use the e-mail (or other) address of another person and act on behalf of another person, while LTD Eco generation shall have the right (and not the obligation) to prevent such a user from neglecting any above-mentioned rule (delete the information published in violation of the rules, cancel the user's electronic key or other).
Author of information published on the website of Eco Generation shall be responsible for compliance of such information with the law. By publishing information, the person shall entitle LTD Eco generation to use such information in its sole discretion. At the same time, responsibility for damages caused to a third party by such publication shall be borne with the author of such information.

6. Risk of Loss and Damage of Product

In case of purchasing of products through LTD Eco generation Online Store, transportation shall be conducted by any of the existing post through delivery to the specified address. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the user shall not accept a parcel with damaged packaging from transport company and immediately inform LTD Eco generation to this effect by sending a notification to the following e-mail: or contact the call centre: +995 599080169, in case of acceptance of the parcel LTD Eco generation shall be no longer liable to consider arising claims.
Our company is focused on customer satisfaction, but we do not want to take responsibility for the errors and possibly low quality services of mediators, so we urge our customers to carefully check the packaging of the parcel before signing the relevant documentation of the transport agent. In case of damage to the packaging, the user shall be entitled not to receive a parcel from the transport company or to open the parcel before the delivery, to fully realize that it undamaged and correct and only thereafter, sign the document confirming acceptance of the parcel.
In case of damaged product or wrong order received with undamaged packaging, please take a photo of the received parcel showing the damage and / or error and email us at the following email:

7. Return of Product and Refund

Goods can be returned only if the goods supplied to the user differ from the goods he/she has ordered and its factory packaging or the marketable style of the product is not violated. In this case, LTD Eco generation, after recovery and inspection of the goods, shall replace it with the relevant products or if it is not possible for the next 10 days, ensure refund to the same account from which the settlement was made.

8. Product Description

If you find any inaccurate information, please let us know about this, by sending a notification to the following e-mail: and please specify the product bar code and the inaccurate content. 
The goods purchased as a result of the above mentioned inaccuracy will only be returned if the factory's packaging and the face of the product is not broken.

9. Product Price

The prices on our website shall cover the product price and all the taxes provided by the Georgian legislation. If an error in the product price worsens the terms of purchase for the user, we shall agree such case with you and only in your consent, we shall fulfill your order, and if we fail to reach agreement, your order shall be canceled.
After selecting the desired product, and selecting a payment button, the sum shall be automatically written off from your card.

10. Limited Responsibility

LTD Eco generation Online Store is presented on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis and you agree with this condition. LTD Eco generation shall not be liable for any damage or loss directly or indirectly arising from the use or non-use of the Online Store.
The carrier company shall solely liable for any damage caused as the result of transportation of the product, however, the User shall notify the relevant service of LTD Eco generation about any unwanted circumstances and the Company shall reserve the right to make a final decision on the problem.

11. Governing Law

When using LTD Eco generation Online Store, you agree that any dispute that may arise between you and LTD Eco generation shall be governed by the Georgian laws.

12. Official Application to Eco generation

Official applications and letters of LTD Eco generation shall be deemed to be delivered if provided by a registered mail at the following address: LTD Eco generation’s office located at N35 b, Al. Kazbegi ave. Tbilisi, Georgia, or on email -

13. Privacy

When conducting its activities LTD Eco generation takes security of the User’s personal information in accordance with the Georgian laws, including personal data protection legislation. 

14. Required Minimum Information Transfer to Third Party Service Providers

Eco generation uses the banking and courier services of other companies for the purpose of performing its activities and providing full service to its customers. In this case, Eco generation, delivers personal information (name, surname, address, personal number, bank account number, single order code, order Date) to a third party and / or parties.

15. Information Transfer to Third Party with User’s Permission

Transfer of such personal information to a third party which is not covered under this Agreement and the Law shall be implemented only by written consent of such data owner.

16. User Responsibility for Own Information Security

You shall be liable for access of other persons to your computer and your code, always use the 'Log Out' function when you leave your computer unattended.

17. User Access to Own Data

The user shall have access practically to all the data available on Eco generation’s website from and all the data entered during the log in process on the Eco generation’s website. The User may, at any time, change, correct, add, delete or cancel the information provided on the website of Eco generation.

18. User Terms, Warnings and Changes

Our business and legislation in Georgia are constantly changing, so we can make changes in our standard conditions, we are trying to provide information to our users, but this does not fall within the scope of our obligations, so please check our Online Store Terms from time to time.

19. Effective Term of Agreement and Modifications

This Agreement shall apply to a person using the website of Eco generation, as well as during settlement of legal relations when using the Online Store.
In case of making any changes to the part of this Agreement, which regulates the sale of products supplied by LTD Eco generation, the rule, that has been defined by this Agreement with the purpose of acquiring a particular product, which has started with the legal relationship and acted until the end of such legal relationship, shall apply.
Changes and amendments made to any other part of this Agreement shall take effect on the next day following publication thereof on the website of Eco generation.

20. Delivery Terms

If your order is registered in our system with the status “delivered” and you have not received a message, please forthwith email us about this fact on the following email address: and after detecting the problem, the Company shall take care of elimination of any misunderstanding / omission in timely manner. 

21. Delivery Cost and Period

The time of delivery is 1-5 working days. In the case of delivery period change operator will contact you. Delivery price depends on the volume of purchase, and will be generated on the website in every individual case.

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